Kandam's Information

Kandam 1 - General Report

This is a brief summary which sets the tone for the prediction by giving a quick run through the general biographic information of one i.e names of person their parents siblings, spouse and children, occupation, etc. 

Kandam 2 Education, wealth, Prosperity, Family Life

Education, Fortune, Family Life will be covered. This chapter also discusses the power of eyesight and the capacity to express through speech

Kandam 3 – Siblings

The prediction will determine amount of sisters and brothers that one could have and discuss the relationship they share. Both the positive and negative aspects will be discussed.

Kandam 4 Mother Influence, Possessions

The impact and importance that Mother plays in Mother in their lives The benefits and challenges that one could confront are addressed.Also will be discussed the material fortunes such as houses vehicles, land, and other the assets held.

Kandam 5 – Progenies

Offers information about children’s involvement throughout your life, their accomplishments as well as their problems, the relationship you have with them, and death, as well as the appropriate steps to address any issues that arise.

Kandam 6 – Disease, Debt and Enemies

The agony of financial burdens and pain due to a serious medical condition, or the constant threat from enemies are some of the most difficult things that can occur to a person. This chapter provides information on these unfortunate events in one’s life.

Kandam 7– Marriage Life

The mysteries surrounding the marriage and the satisfaction of being special to one another. Your marriage is a time of union, the date it will occur and how long it would last, the compatibility aspects and the reasons behind delays your marriage.

Kandam 8 – Life Span

Life and death are aspects that are common to all living creatures. We are blessed to understand how it happens. occur? Concerns about life span or longevity, the risks that can cause the sufferer with the unfortunate experience of having a sudden death are addressed here.

Kandam 9 Father, Inheritance, Spirituality

The article provides details on your father , your relationship with him, the inheritance of wealth, properties from your father and all of the positive and negative aspects will be discussed.

Kandam 1 - General Report

The chapter provides information on jobs you could pursue, the businesses that you could start, as well as the potential profits these businesses could generate and provides a forecast of the various situations you will encounter in your professional life.

Kandam 9 Father, Inheritance, Spirituality

This chapter is all about changing and progress. The questions regarding positives and negatives can be derived from cars are answered.The positive aspects of marriage and the joy of living is evident in this chapter, as well as the impact it has on the future of your life.

Kandam 10 Business and professional life

This chapter focuses on the money you spend and the type of things you’ll be spending it on, the chance of visiting another country, and also questions about what the next birth is for you, should you be blessed with one. It also discusses how Moksha can be achieved through this.

Kandam 11 Vehicular Profit, Second Marriage

The chapter is about wrongs one has committed in the past and provides ways to get rid of the consequences that interfere into your current life.

Kandam 12 – Expenses, Prospects of Foreign Visit, Rebirth, Salvation

The focus is on spirituality. The practice of chanting or Mantra Jepam and tips regarding the wearing of Raksha and Talisman to eliminate enemies and troubles and to avoid the negative effects of wrongdoings

Kandam 15 – Aushadha Kandam

Chapter that focuses on treatments for long-lasting or chronic illness and methods to treat them.

Kandam 16 - Disabukthi Kandam

The chapter deals with planets, periods, and sub-periods, as well as the effects on our lives and changes in the planet positions that shift over time and how this influences their lives at that moment in time.

  • Kandams 2-12 reveal the future forecasts of various aspects of life until the end of time as of the date of the perusal of the Kandam.
  • Special kandams such as sivanadi Thulliam and sivanadi sukshmam are available. Due to their unique nature and intricate details, the cost are higher. To be successful in politics and connections to politics, specail kandam will be accessible. In addition to the above kandams, there are also gnanakandam. Prasana candam as well as disabukthi santhi Kandam.
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