Siva Nadi Astrology

Siva Nadi Astrology​

Astrology of Siva Nadi Origin

Nadi astrology originated in the south, in Tamil Nadu as well as in Kerala. It was based on ancient predictions made on palm leaves and tree barks. The ancient scriptures of Nadi Astrology were found in the Vaitheeswaran Koil, an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Siva. It is also known as Siva Nadi Astrology. Nadi Astrology’s most important feature is its ancient trick of recording ancient predictions made by Indian sages. The precious boon that the Hindu sages received nearly a thousand years ago made them so powerful that they could accurately predict the future of any person alive or dead.

All the visions of these Hindu sages were described on palm leaves. All predictions were made in Tamil scripts. The Tamil term Nadi means “in search of” in Tamil. Nadi Astrologers help people find their past and future. However, Tamil Nadu was the first to discover these parts. Numerous astrologers believe these palm leave scriptures hold the unimaginable secrets of both the past and the future. These secrets can bridge the past and the present. According to Hindu sages, the Nadis could be called Brahma Nadi (Kaushika Nadi), Suka Nadi (Suka Nadi), Agasthiya Nadi (Agasthiya Nadi), etc. These Nadis were written in Tamil sonnet. It is therefore quite difficult for those astrologers who don’t know the ancient linguistics behind astrology.

What are the Core Theories of Siva Nadi Astrology ?

This ancient astrology shows the causes of current karmic conflicts and recommends effective methods to eliminate them. The ancient predictions of this astrology are key to finding the right remedies. These predictions of the Saptarishi are so powerful that they can overcome all obstacles. The astrologers also read palm leaves to get meaning visions of the client’s birth, current position, and reasons for suffering. Astrologers believe there are many ways to overcome karmic difficulties in your life. These points are described in the following:

Recognition for Leaf

According to Nadi astrologers, truth seekers must have self-motivation to search the leaves at a specific time. This time is set by destiny. Males must input the right thumb impression, while females need to input it.

The truth seekers must choose from 108 different thumb impressions. Based on the scriptures of each leaf, the seekers will find answers. Based on impressions made by thumb, the Nadi astrology palm leaves are divided.

Destiny Roles

Lucky people may be able to see the role of God in their lives. It is amazing to see the truth seekers realize that the leaf symbolizes strong visions of the moment when the individual seeker will experience the results. The leaf is a predestined time for the reading of the divine essence.

According to ancient beliefs, Lord Shiva determines the fate of each soul. The incarnations of the soul’s will are what make it possible. Leaf reading can help you understand how a particular incarnation will affect your lifestyle.