Understanding Kiwi Dating Lingo and Slang

Dating can be a perplexing experience, especially when it comes to deciphering the unique language and slang used by Kiwis in the dating scene. New Zealanders have their own set of terms and phrases that may leave outsiders feeling bewildered. Whether you’re a Kiwi looking to navigate the dating world or an international visitor interested in understanding the local dating culture, this guide will help you unravel the mysteries of Kiwi dating lingo and slang.

One of the first things to note is that Kiwis often use casual and laid-back language when it comes to dating. They prefer simplicity and authenticity over formality. To get a better grasp of the Kiwi dating scene, let’s dive into some common terms and phrases you’re likely to encounter:

1. “Chur” – This popular Kiwi slang word is used to express agreement, thanks, or acknowledgment. If your date says “Chur,” it means they appreciate something you’ve said or done.

2. “Sweet as” – Kiwis love to use this phrase to describe something as excellent, great, or perfect. If your date says, “That sounds sweet as,” they are expressing their enthusiasm or approval.

3. “She’ll be right” – This phrase reflects the Kiwi laid-back attitude. If your date reassures you by saying, “She’ll be right,” they mean that everything will be fine or sorted out.

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4. “Whanau” – Pronounced “fa-no,” this Maori term refers to extended family or close-knit community. Kiwis value their whanau, and it’s important to understand the significance of family in their culture.

5. “Tiki Tour” – If your date suggests going on a “tiki tour,” it means they want to take a scenic route or explore without a specific destination in mind. It’s a great opportunity to bond and enjoy each other’s company.

6. “Jandals” – Instead of flip-flops or sandals, Kiwis refer to them as “jandals.” So, if your date suggests wearing jandals, they mean comfortable footwear for a casual outing.

7. “BYO” – This acronym stands for “Bring Your Own,” commonly used when it comes to drinks or food. If your date mentions a BYO restaurant, it means you need to bring your own alcoholic beverages.

8. “Bach” – Pronounced “batch,” this word refers to a holiday home or vacation house. Kiwis love spending time at their baches during weekends or holidays, so don’t be surprised if your date suggests a getaway to their bach.

9. “Cuz” – Short for “cousin,” Kiwis often use this term to address friends or acquaintances. It’s a friendly and casual way to refer to someone, even if they aren’t actually related.

10. “Wop-wops” – This phrase refers to remote or rural areas in New Zealand. If your date suggests going to the wop-wops, they’re proposing a peaceful and secluded outing away from the city.

Now that you’re familiar with some of the common Kiwi dating lingo and slang, it’s important to note that dating customs and expectations can vary from person to person. It’s always best to communicate openly and honestly with your date to ensure a positive and enjoyable experience.

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In conclusion, understanding Kiwi dating lingo and slang can be a fun and exciting way to immerse yourself in New Zealand’s unique dating culture. By familiarizing yourself with these terms and phrases, you’ll be well-prepared to navigate the Kiwi dating scene with confidence and ease. So, put on your jandals, embrace the laid-back attitude, and enjoy the journey of dating in Aotearoa!

Nadi Astrology

Nadi Astrology

What is Nadi Astrology?

Nadi Astrology can be used to determine one’s past and future fate using antiquated palm leaf manuscripts. These manuscripts were created by Rishi munis in 1200 BC. They are based on their deep knowledge and make use of thumb creases to locate related manuscripts.

The 18 siddhars, such as kalangi Nathar and Agasthyar and Konganaar, sivavakkiyars, sivavakkiyars, Idaikadars, Bogar, etc. He was an influencer on many Tamil literatures and philosophy. He would offer solutions and advice to the common people. Later, he decided to expand the service to the future generations by writing unabridged texts of one’s entire life in palm leaf manuscripts. This includes past, present, and future.

These manuscripts required some skills to understand and decipher. It was believed that the valluvars who served Pallava monarchs were skilled at this and started helping others.

These valluvars passed on their teachings to their children and practiced astrology as a profession. We started the centre in 1802 as sivanadi center In Vaitheeswaran koil – a Hindu temple dedicated lord Siva (healing) or eeswaran(Lord Siva ). We worshipped him because we are valluvars belonging to meikanda nadhar tra and Shaivism followers worshipping Lord shiva. Since then, I have made predictions for people of every race and color.

Our family of Nadi Astrologers at Vaitheeswaran Temple has been long associated with the practice and prediction of the future, just as our forefathers. However, there has been a proliferated rise in Nadi Astrology centres around the temple with very little credibility making predictions. This has raised questions about the legitimacy of Nadi Astrology.

We are the oldest nadi-astrology centre, serving customers since 1802, and 4th generation of astrologers. This is a testament to the thousands of satisfied customers that have visited us over the years.

Why would you want to do it?

Many people have questions and confusions and face difficulties in their personal and professional lives. Nadi astrology can help by finding solutions that are specific to your needs. It also helps you prepare for the future by helping you predict and plan for them.

Nadi Astrology

* Nadi Astrology has been proven and linked to the valluvars Pallava kings* Our 4th generation of astrologers have served since 1802, and all have at least 15 year experience.
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