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Discover your destiny of your past, present and future with Nadi Astrology in hyderabad. Guruji of the A. Siva guru swamy is a certified nadi astrologer in hyderabad with over 20 years of experience helping clients understand their personal paths to success and make better choices. His profound wisdom and understanding will help you unlock your potential and advance toward a brighter and more fulfilling future. Get personalised advice specific to your personal story now! Discover your future plans through customized readings, personalised guidance and an analysis that is customized from the most reliable nadi jyothisham in hyderabad. Guruji A. Siva guru swamy will assist you in identifying the past, present, and future. He will guide you towards a brighter future. With his reliable and trustworthy service, you’ll be certain to gain the knowledge and clarity required for daily life. Explore your potential through nadi astrology within hyderabad.

The maharajah serfoji ii of tanjore, who was a tremendous supporter of arts and sciences, kept the leaves in his library to ensure they were accessible for future generations. The british took these leaves in their time in the kingdom, and later sold them to a few indian families, who continue to keep the leaves. The families that keep them are meticulous and continue to instruct individuals in the correct reading of the leaves, so that people are able to benefit from the old-fashioned advice of these siddhas. They are also called naadi astrology family. The siddhas now consider themselves to be nadi astrologer families. It is believed that one of the nadi reader mr.G. Vertrivalle swamy has a job in the area in vaitheeswaran koil. He is part of one of the most prestigious nadi families.

The 12th century was when these leaves were discovered in the vicinity in south india ancient vaitheeswaran koil in tamil nadu. The nayanar community who discovered the leaves realised their value and made exactly copies. They are the custodians of these nadi leaves since. The nayanars are the sole group of people who have been taught for generations in the art of reading leaves and interpret them in order to make the predictions. They are also the only ones to have access to nadi leaves and continue to follow the traditional nadi theology. Astrologers of the past who were fascinated by the knowledge related to nadi-astrology gathered the leaves from libraries. It is believed that these leaves were initially written on animal skins and some leaves later were copied onto palm leaves. They were also preserved through the application of oil derived from blood of a peacock. The main center for nadi astrology is situated in the vaitheeswaran oil field located in south india.

We’ve started our service to provide nadi predictions of astrology through online mode. This allows our customers to obtain predictions from the comfort of their home. Customers do not have be able to travel to a specific location to go to the nadi center for astrology to get predictions. Our customers who are unable to visit the nadi center for astrology, they can benefit from online nadi readings.

The predictions will be made with precision using online tools like skype, google meet, or zoom. While staying at home, you will receive an analysis and better forecasts of the client’s life. It is all you need to do is participate in the session. There are a variety of ways to avail of our services online. You can access all sessions from wherever you are.